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Physiotherapy for Kids!

Did you know that K-TOWN Physiotherapy provides Pediatric Physiotherapy Services for children from 4 weeks to age 18? The clinic has two registered physiotherapists who have special training to provide family-centered care for your child. K-TOWN Physiotherapy’s West Clinic is one of the only private physiotherapy clinics in the Kingston area which provide these services.

If your child is currently receiving physiotherapy services through the public system at Kids Inclusive, but you would like additional treatments, we can help! With your consent, our physiotherapist can collaborate with your child’s health care team and provide services to augment their treatment plan.

What kind of things can pediatric physiotherapy help with?

We have a Well Baby Program to assess 4 weeks to 18 months of age. The Well Baby assessment is appropriate if you as a parent have any concerns with your baby meeting their motor milestones or any concern with their neck movement (torticollis) or head shape (positional plagiocephaly). The assessment will include a full exam as well as standardized testing tools to assess your baby’s gross motor skill level. We will show you activities to facilitate your baby’s gross motor skills, correct the tightness or weakness in their neck and educate you on positioning to correct your baby’s head shape.

We can also provide physiotherapy services for any child, any age, who has a diagnosis which is affecting their ability to move, play or participate in sport. Conditions in which physiotherapy services can be helpful include but are not limited to: Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Toe-walking, and any other Gross Motor Delays. The physiotherapist will create a play-based treatment plan to make your child’s time in the clinic and home program fun and enjoyable.

We are also able to help your child work through and recover from any sport injury (sprains, strains, post-fracture/casting and/or surgery and concussions). Whatever level of participation (playground play, recreational or competitive sport), the physiotherapist will work to make an age-appropriate program to aid in your child’s recovery and return to optimal function.

Call the clinic for more information or to book 613-634-5878. You can also book online through our website here.

Written by: Lindsey Haussler, Registered Physiotherapist


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