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From Minsk to Gdansk: A Journey with Elite Winter Athletes - Insights from a Sport Physiotherapist

Minsk, Belarus (2011), Fukuoka, Japan (2013), Bordeaux France (2015), Salt Lake City, USA

(2018), Seoul, South Korea (2020) & now Gdansk, Poland where I’m writing this on a break between a pairs practice and the final ladies practice of the day.

As a Sport Physiotherapist for over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to cover a lot of great

events like high school football, super league rugby, college basketball, PGA Tour Canada golf to name a few – but I’ve also been so lucky (and humbled) to work with some of the country’s greatest winter sport athletes as a travelling therapist with Skate Canada for the past 14 years.

My involvement with Skate Canada began in 2010 when I was asked to coordinate the medical and therapy services for Skate Canada International in Kingston. I was able to again take on the role of Head Therapist at the 2015 Canadian Figure Skating Championships.

Skate Canada takes pride in supporting their athletes as they represent Canada at international competitions all over the world. Teams travel with a support staff including Team Leaders, Sport Medicine Physicians & Sport Physiotherapists. Our role is providing rink-side sport physiotherapy coverage every time a Canadian skater steps on the ice, for practice, warmup and competition. We are also “on-call” for athletes “after-hours” for any physiotherapy needs they may require with ongoing injuries from their intense training regimen, or for acute care resulting from the rigors of the 4-5 day competitions.

Having the opportunity to work closely with these athletes is a thrill as both a Sport

Physiotherapist and as a fan of sport. The dedication to the athleticism, strength, endurance

and artistry required is something that is appreciated so much more when being so close to the action.

As a Physiotherapist and a physical education graduate, I am a firm believer in the importance of sport and athletics in the development of physical literacy, socialization and teamwork. The opportunity to work alongside these elite athletes, coaches and support personnel during my career is something I do not take for granted and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue this journey with Skate Canada.

Clinic Owner

Registered Physiotherapist

Certified Sport Physiotherapist

K-TOWN Physiotherapy


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