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COVID-19 Appointment Protocol

With respect to the “emergency brake” COVID-19 shutdown effective April 3, 2021, as Regulated Health Professionals K-TOWN Physiotherapy is pleased to confirm that we are still authorized to provide in-clinic appointments.

Following guidance from the Government of Ontario and the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario, we are still adhering to safety protocols to ensure client, staff and community safety with each visit.

There are updated safety protocols that will be followed to ensure client, staff and community safety with each visit.

Please review the following steps to be taken before, during and after each in-clinic appointment at K-TOWN Physiotherapy.

We appreciate your cooperation in following these standards as we conduct our best efforts to promote health and safety for all.


  • Prior to your appointment, over the phone we will conduct a short “Client Screening” questionnaire. This will ensure you are an appropriate candidate for an in-clinic appointment and are comfortable with the provisions we have made for your visit.

  • Upon arrival at the clinic, our front desk staff will once again review the screening questions with you.


  • When you arrive at the clinic, please wait outside the clinic or in your vehicle until 5 minutes prior to the time of your appointment.

  • Once entering the clinic rest assured our waiting area is arranged to maintain appropriate physical distancing between yourself, other clients and administrative team members.

  • Please arrive dressed for your appointment and if possible leave all personal items (water bottles, travel mugs, backpacks, etc.) in your vehicle or at home.


  • Upon entering the clinic we would request that you stop at the hand sanitizing station and sanitize your hands.


  • Please attend the clinic on your own with no guests unless you are under the age of 16 and require a parent/guardian OR if you would typically have someone with you for safety or mobility reasons.

  • If someone will be accompanying you to your appointment they will undergo the same screening questions and procedures.


  • It is required that all clients who enter our clinic are to be wearing a mask. You may bring your own mask with you, which can be either cloth or paper.


  • Please note that our in-clinic washroom will be available for clinic team use only as we do our best to decrease touch points in the clinic. There are public washrooms now available in the foyer (West) and at the waiting room (Downtown) for client use.


  • You will be directed to your treatment area by our front desk staff, one of our Physiotherapy Assistants or your Physiotherapist.

  • Your appointment will primarily take place in the designated treatment area - under specific circumstances clients may be using our gym area, rest assured that all gym equipment will be thoroughly sanitized after each client’s use.

  • This may mean that certain equipment and modalities will be brought into the treatment room for your use during the appointment - all equipment and modalities are also thoroughly sanitized after each client’s use.


  • Your Physiotherapist or one of our Physiotherapy Assistants will accompany you to the front desk to book any follow-up appointments.

  • The receptionist will process your payment using the POS terminal that is thoroughly sanitized after each client’s use - alternatively, we can take payment methods from you in advance of your appointment and then send an electronic receipt via email.

  • Any exercise program documentation will also be emailed to you.


  • You may then proceed to the exit and sanitize your hands once more on the way out.

Thank you for your cooperation! You can book your next appointment here.


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